Wellness at Work

So many people are drawn to Yoga as a means to combat work related stress, but what if a tiring work schedule and busy home life means that you are not able to commit to a regular practice. I offer classes at your work place for you and your colleagues.

Progressive businesses world-wide like Google and Forbes are recognizing the benefits of Yoga not only to their employees, but also to their businesses.

The increased focus, morale and well-being it brings can mean greater staff satisfaction, comraderie and retention. With decreased stress comes increased productivity and reduced health care costs.

By offering employees a yoga wellness program, companies show workers that taking time for them-selves is important to the organisation and that their wellbeing is integral to the company’s success.

Program format and fee structure
Following consultation with the management or human resources team, a program will be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Wellness Events

Careyoga is also availble to speak, teach or workshop at wellness days, markets, events etc.

Where to begin

What is needed to hold classes at your company.
A quiet area large enough for the number of participants
ie: meeting room, garden, gym.

What participants require.
A large towel or Yoga mat
Comfortable clothing – like you would wear to gym.

Classes are suitable for all levels of experience.
Beginners are welcome. | +27(0) 83 717 9618

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